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Bairro de Alvalade

Support for local businesses in the digital transformation and dissemination of information of interest about Bairro de Alvalade.

Bairro de Alvalade app appears as a proposal of the Parish Council of Alvalade to promote and disseminate the local offer of the parish, as well as relevant information for the population and passers-by.

The application has a list of local businesses, each of which has access to a backoffice in order to manage their profile.

In addition to this aspect, there is also a public interest aspect, with the provision of relevant and updated information on the parish. Through direct communication via API with the parish website, it was possible to transpose some data chosen to be mirrored in the application, so that the admin does not have to enter the same information twice in different places, allowing the user to be able to see the same information on the channel that is most convenient for them.

An integration was made in this sense so that the application had News, Events, Magazine and Videos.

In addition to this aspect, there is also the Mobility and Public Space part, where through a back office, the customer can insert "points of interest" so that users can consult relevant information, such as timetables, directions or to have a spatial view through a map of their position relative to a given point.


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