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Monitoring of machine/equipment performance in work centers

Tecinfo project, for the company Vimaponto, aims to provide its customers with a tool for better monitoring of work centers and machines organised in a given department through a plant/map.

The company already makes this interface available to its customers, however, it was now intended that the interface would be updated in the experience it gives to their users. Thus, a communication channel was opened between the existing software through an API, so that the reading of the data could be done in a web context through a browser, taking advantage of all its possibilities.

From the moment the data is made available, it is up to Inflight to read it, and the biggest challenge was to interpret the map of the machines and design them in an interface that would adapt to the device, taking into account the possibility of having different workstation setups (with few or many machines).

Each work center has different information, from identification, status, uptime or downtime and performance indicators. In addition to the details of the machines, an overview of the global performance of sets of machines is also given through line graphs or nomograms.

From the point of view of the actions to be carried out on the application side, information on machine stops or the addition/change of manufacturing orders can be added to each machine. All this information can be filtered in the information visualisation of each machine, where the user chooses at any time what he/she wants to see.

This is a project that demonstrates Inflight's ability to transform legacy solutions into equally robust experiences with new approaches from the experience point of view, thus enriching customers' methods and increasing their possibilities of doing what they were doing until now, in a more efficient and pleasant way.

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