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E-commerce mobile application with over 500 stores and restaurants and over 5000 users.

Proximcity platform consists of an e-commerce space so that local merchants can have their virtual space to sell their products through a digital channel. The platform has a mobile application, a web and a management application for merchants.

It is a tool with all the features common to an e-commerce with the ability to handle issues such as product management, store management or issues such as automated digital payments and shipping.

As it is a comprehensive application, which can range from restaurant businesses, through clothing stores or grocery stores, a level of abstraction and adaptability of the tool is necessary so that it can respond to all these needs and at the same time provide a rich experience to those who navigate the app.

The application was initially implemented in the municipality of Guimarães and later in the municipality of Vizela and in Areeiro, Lisbon. Today it has more than 500 registered stores and more than 10K users.

It emerged from a joint initiative by Inflight IT together with the municipality of Guimarães that supported and implemented our solution in their municipality, offering their merchants the possibility of having another sales channel, especially at a time when the pandemic affected so many businesses.

Each store has access to a back office where they have complete freedom to manage it. They can create a catalog, adding products, variations, prices and promotions, manage orders, minimum order values, delivery methods by radius, by time availability, digital payments, SMS notifications, among many other possibilities.

In turn, the user, through a mobile application, browses the local offer in his area, searching stores and restaurants through listings or map and seeing the information that the merchant provides reflected, through a profile of that store/restaurant and a catalog of products, allowing him to place his orders with the settings that the merchant has defined.

For the restaurant industry in particular, an optimised application was made for a tablet, so that they could have an indication - in the kitchen; at the counter - of every new order that arrived, being able to immediately change its status and take care of its preparation and delivery.

In short, it is a comprehensive platform where several valences were applied so that the answer could be as broad as possible, both for stores and users.


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