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Project in partnership with the Municipality of Esposende and EEA Grants Portugal, with the purpose of raising awareness to the problem of marine litter:

“The ecological and socio-economic problems arising from the abandonment, loss or disposal of fishing equipment are a growing concern.

Gill and trammel nets, used primarily in small-scale, coastal and artisanal fisheries, and which have a high potential to produce ghost fishing, contribute globally and directly to about 1/5 of fish landings.”



Institutional website of the Agrupamento de Escolas do Vale de S. Torcato with all the information about the grouping and the schools that make it up, with a content manager so that the information can be updated dynamically and regularly by its contributors.



Online catalog of the textile company, Joltex, with a content manager for regularly updating content and products.



Online catalog of the company Supersonic, with content manager to update content and products regularly.

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