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Clinic management platform for managing patients and performing urodynamic exams, with connection to bluetooth devices.

The Hydrumedical project, from the neighbour company at the Set.Up incubator in Guimarães, came to us with a challenge that the company had already conceived and outlined, which involved the elaboration of urodynamic tests with a better relationship in the intimacy of the patient, so that the patient could feel more comfortable in its elaboration.

Strong in the field of medical research and already with several products on the market, they created a product that consists of devices for measuring bladder and abdominal pressure (devices already used in urodynamic tests), but with a fundamental difference, being that these devices are not connected by wires to the machine that receives the data, but with bluetooth technology.

From here, our intervention comes in. By having a bluetooth technology that sends the data of the respective pressures, we were faced with the challenge of designing and developing a mobile application, for tablet, that would allow us to replicate what is currently done in these exams, but with the most modern technological possibilities, defining a user experience more suited to the modern times and needs of the patients and examinors.

After a study on the techniques and software currently used, on the state of the art of this examination technique, we designed what could be a more facilitated experience, taking advantage of the medium itself - tablet - as a catalyst for this experience, but always with the concern of not taking too much away from the current process of taking the exam.

In addition to the examination aspect, there is also the aspect of the entire management of the platform, either by the administration or by the clinics in their relationship with their patients. This relationship is ensured through the creation of management areas that, in addition to these tools, provide an analytical view of the current state.

Due to the proximity to the company, and the very nature of the relationship that an incubator provides, this project allowed us to maintain a close relationship during its execution, from the beginning with research and study, definition of experience and interface until the development phase, always with a flexible relationship that allowed us to change course or make different decisions along the way.

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